Afternoon Tea 12.03.04

American folk singer, Odetta, “the voice of the civil rights movement” died of heart disease yesterday at age 77. Sigh. I’m glad she lived to see Barack Obama get elected into public office. {NYT}

Now K-Fed says that Britney Spears “Blindsided” him with divorce. Kevin, you’ve done enough damage. Please stay away from our Britney. {MTV}

Police in Mumbai defused a bomb found in a train station. The bomb would have gone off during a city wide vigil. {Al Jazeera}

WORD ON THE STREET: Not to be upstaged by Kanye and his Pastelle bizness, Common and Microsoft (yes, Microsoft) are debuting a clothing line called Softwear. There is a launch party in NYC tonight, if we can crash it!

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