Afternoon Tea 12.04.08

If I could write “Why Did I “write Diary of a Mad Black Woman?” I would…Director Tyler Perry is fighting for his rights, copyrights that is. Perry took the stand yesterday in an attempt to prove that “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” was all his own. Yikes. [AP]
Shocking! According to Rolling Stone, not only has Britney’s age increased (she’s 27 as of this week) but so have the number of her handlers. Doesn’t it usually go the opposite direction? You get grown and only need one publicist, etc? Speaking of which, I’ve been TRYING to find a video link to her MTV doc, but I can’t find it in full. If you have, toss it PLEASE! [IDT]
So A.Keys didn’t get much Grammy love last night, although she did snag one nomination for “Superwoman.” That’s not a total diss right? I’m just surprised that the Grammy Noms were light-weight on point this year though, let’s be honest, they usually aren’t. The day Jeezy gets nominated, I don’t know what I’ll do…buy a lambo I suppose. [People]

Everyone in media’s been awaiting the Viacom lay-offs and they’re happening as you’re reading this. 850 people will be let go. Prayers.go. out. [gkr]

I’m sorry, I laughed out loud when I saw this. now, the Prime Minister of Kenya is calling for the removal of Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Yes, we’re still talking about Zimbabwe. Yes, it feels like we’ve been talking about it FOR A YEAR. Meanwhile, Somalia is nearing “total famine.” It’s not pretty out here folks. What are you doing to help your fellow man in need? Get to volunteering! I am, you’ll feel better and change someone’s day for the better in these lean economic times. [BBC1] [BBC2]

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