Afternoon Tea 12.08.08

New poll reflects feelings of neglect and alienation felt by Cubans of African descent. J Bakes and I have been well aware of this for some time now, yet many have been held from openly expressing themselves on the matter. Why the sudden interest now? {El Nuevo Herald}

Amsterdam’s Mayor moves to close many of the city’s brothels and weed cafes. Is this the beginning of the end of an era? {Guardian}

British man suffered a fatal nose bleed after years of picking his nose. Note to parents: Here’s a real-life story to share with your kids who may share this habit. The thought of bleeding to death may be all it takes to scare the shit out of them. {Telegraph}

Did the passing of Proposition 8 start a new culture war between African Americans and white liberal Hollywood? Now that it was passed, it’s finger pointing time. Interesting Op Ed in this week’s NY Times: {New York Times}

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