Afternoon Tea 12.09.08

Sundance will see the debut of the Lil’ Wayne documentary, The Carter, directed by Adam Bhala Lough.  Oh Lil’ Weezy, who knew. {MTV}

Sony’s cutting 8000 jobs and shutting down 10 percent of manufacturing sites.  Is this the universes way of regulating mankind?  If all electronic companies cut production due to the “economic downturn” then technology does not advance at the same rate in which it has in previous years.  Just a theory.  {BBC}

I like reading headlines about the UK recession because they could be taken from US newspapers not too long ago.  This just in: the UK recessions could be worse than previously expected!  Interests rates are being cut “aggressively” and the pound is going down. {Guardian}

Greece is bracing itself for a fourth day of violence, after police shot a 15-year-old boy dead on Saturday.  The people are pissed y’all.  {Al Jazeera}

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