Afternoon Tea 12.10.08

Britney’s back on top! Her new record Circus topped the Billboard 200 selling more than 1/2 a million last week. {E!}
Scientists confirmed that there is a giant black hole, four million times heavier than our Sun, in the center of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. So if one day Pluto goes missing we’ll know who ate him. {BBC}

Want to play PS3 online? Well, you (or your boyfriends/kids) can tomorrow =0). [Beat]
While every other magazine is shaky and papers like the Chicago Trib and LA Times are filing for bankruptcy, publishing company Conde Nast is opening a new UK fashion mag called Love. Stealing the staff from Pop magazine, the book should hit stands in 09. [NYMag]

Pray for Bobbi ya’ll, she thinks she’s got bronchitus. =0(

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