Afternoon Tea 12.11.08

Ricky Martin has twins and here is the first flick of them that the singer’s released. This is not new news but it makes my head spin, nonetheless. I’m going to leave it at that. {People}
Zimbaaabweee! I think Bob Marley is turning over in his grave right now. Mugabe says that the cholera outbreak in his country is over. Funny, the UN said it is getting worse, and killing folks by the hour.{BBC}
This is why I’m not taking my dog to get his picture taken by Santa. {NYMag}
Some man in the UK is decreasing the country’s emmissions by 2% with the stealth of Banksy. This-you have to read- they call him the ‘green Banksy.’ [G]

AT courtesy of Bakes and Steels…and I, Steels, am tired. The monthly monster has gotten me- and that whole jive about doing sit-ups to off set the cramps didn’t work this month =0(

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