Afternoon Tea 12.17.08

South Korean actress Ok So-ri has been sentenced to eight months for committing adultery.  So-ri petitioned to have the law that makes adultery a criminal offense overturned, but failed. Lesson: If you live in Seoul, you’re cheating heart could get you imprisoned.  {BBC}

Dick Cheney regrets nothing the Bush administration’s done in the past eight years.  My New Years resolution is to be more like Dick and and have less regard for other people. {Guardian}

Opec (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) just agreed on the massive cut in daily output due to the world economy going to the dogs. {Al Jazeera}

A suspected mafia boss, Gaetano Lo Presti, hanged himself with his belt in a Sicilian jail after he was arrested for allegedly being part of a plot to rebuild the Sicilian mob.  Why is anything concerning the mafia so exciting? {G&M}


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