Afternoon Tea 12.18.08

Even though Halloween just passed a few months ago, Rupaul proves that it’s always a good idea to play dress-up. Look at Ru as Barack and Michelle Obama. Fierce! {AutumnJones}

Theoneste Bagosara, the man said to be the mastermind behind the Rwanda genocide scandal has been sentenced to life in prison by a UN tribunal. {BBC}

Obama’s already pissing people off. It seems his choice for the inauguration invocation, Rick Warren, isn’t in favor of gay marriage and abortion. But how many high profile religious leaders are? {CNN}

China’s joining in on the fight againt the Somali pirates, sending naval warships to help take them down! {G&M}

Next week, Bobbi will soon be laying on the beach in the Turks and Caicos Islands away from all the stresses of New York City! Can’t wait!

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