Afternoon Tea 12.19.08

The auto companies are getting that bailout to the tune to $17.4 billion. [Reuters]

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai- you remember, he’s the guy “sharing” power with former President Mugabe- is thereatening to quit again. Cabinet members keep getting ABDUCTED and he’s tired of it. Seriously? [VOA]

Did you know that sneezing could be tied to sexual arousal? I know, weird. [BBC]

Do you want to know the ending of Will Smith’s Seven Pounds? Check the link ladies. [EW]

In Somalia, the al-Shabab tell the US “We are fighting to lift the burden of oppression and colonialism from our country … We are defending ourselves against enemies who attacked us,” Abu Mansoor, the leader of al-Shabab, said. “Once we are successful with that we will fight on and finish oppression elsewhere on earth.” [ALJ]

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