Bail Yourself Out

woman-on-computerNews outlets everywhere are trumpeting the “revelation” that the $350 billion Congress gave the banks earlier this year is as good as toilet paper. To that, I shrug my shoulders; tell us something we didn’t already know. What I’m really worried about is how we can take care of ourselves during these lean-as-skinny-Janet-Jackson times. While the hubby and I tried to put a moratorium on Christmas gifts this year, we still had some folks we had to take care of—somehow, I don’t think my stepdaughters want to hear about the tribulations of the economy as they peer sadly into their empty stockings—so I stepped up my usual crazy-lady search to make sure we didn’t pay a dime more than we had to.

Because I care about all my Parlouristas oh so much, I’m passing on some of my favorite hot-deal-sharing-free-shipping-finding-promotion-code-grabbing sites to aid all you, ehem, last minute shoppers. Sorry, I can’t do anything about getting it there by Christmas. Not only does this site tell you where you can get what you want for the cheapest price, it calculates shipping and tax, too, so you won’t get any surprises at checkout. Know exactly what techy gift you want to get your man, but want to make sure you’re taking advantage of the rock-bottom recession prices being offered by stores both online and offline? This site tells you where you can get the best deal. I NEVER make an online purchase without first checking this site for a promotional and coupon code. It is absolutely the most reliable code site out there, and they give you actual codes whenever possible, rather than making you click through and re-enter all your info to claim the discount. With so many sites offering free shipping, there’s almost no reason to pay for it nowadays—unless you need to overnight it. This site tells you where to find them, and the required minimum purchase (if there is one).

RedTagCrazy: This brand new site is great if you have no idea what to get someone, but you do know you don’t want to pay much for it. They offer sales on one great clothing item at a time at discounts of up to 80%. Check it a few times an hour and you’re bound to find something cheap for someone on your list

What are your favorite sites for saving money? Share ’em below!


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