Cate Blanchett Gets a Gold Star

My girl, actress Cate Blanchett, received a gold star on in Hollywood last week. Her latest, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button drops on Christmas day co-starring Brad Pitt- the boy says it’s a tear-jerker. Love her and in celebration, here’s several of my fave Caty flicks:

Veronica Guerin: true story of a brave Irish journalist who blows open her country heroin trade and pays the price with her life.

An Ideal Husband: as a prissy perfect wife, Caty learns how to lie and love it.

Lord of the Rings: As an elvin queen, she tells Frodo and Sam their future and offers them solace in troubled orc times.

Elizabeth: Really, there’s no need for an explanation. She rules the country and rocks the world, and in Elizabeth The Golden Age, she makes out with Clive Owen. YES!

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