Fly Flight Time!

The winter holiday season has officially begun, which for me, means one thing—I am not going to be here. Every winter I sojurn to my three favorite islands for much needed sunshine, and since you never know who you will see at the airport lounge, I’ve learned that a Parlourista must travel in style. Here are some tried and true items that will get you there that don’t involve a velour sweatsuit (burn yours please–thanks) and Uggs. Oh and by the way, none of it is overpriced!

Here is the lowdown plus some music to fly to:

1.  A Good Piece of Shade
Sunglasses are a must for that early morning make-up-free flight, and they always look fabulous.

Mongolian Gazelle Glasses | WESC | $93 | 80sPurple

2. & 5.  Bet on Black

A nice, loose fitting ensemble like leggings and a dress/tunic is one of the best for a long flight.  Black is best, it’s slimming, hides any wrinkles and manages to keep a luxury feel in the midst of bermuda shorts and panama hats.

Flutter Sleeve Dress | Development | $110 | Net-A-Porter

Pocket Tunic | $32 | TopShop

3. Pack It In

Whether you check or carry-on, you absolutely need a bag that can fit everything but not make you look like a bag lady. Opt for something a little different instead of the same black bag.

Laptop Tote | Claw Money X Boosted | $99 | KarmaLoop

4. Keep it Simple

Accessorize lightly, especially if you have to take your baubles off during the security check. Have you ever tried sleeping siting up in door-knockers? Throw on one signature piece and keep it moving.

Impressionist Ring | Herve van der Straeten | $175 | Vivre

6. Skim On Down The Road

I bet that the TSA folks at JFK remember when I held up the line for 10 minutes, trying to take off a pair of boots. Don’t be me. Anything that you can take off in less than 30 seconds makes a better flight experience for all.

Pallino Flat | Clarks | $65 | PiperLime

7. License to Chill

The good thing about passports is that they are your key to the rest of the world. The bad thing is that they all look alike. Cop a cute passport case and keep it handy when it’s time for your escape.

Leather Passport Cover | $65 | Flight 001

8. Wrap it Up

Most airlines aren’t even providing blankets to passengers anymore, and even if they did- think about it, someone else was drooling on that. One word, germs. Substitute a fab wrap for a blanket.

Pashmina Shawl | Let’s be real, these can be found on the street for $5-$15 dollars. Get two!

The Fly Tune

“He’s A Hustler” by The Revelations featuring Tre Williams

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