Gifts That Don’t Suck: Holiday Home

So, it’s three days until Christmas, and if you are giving gifts and haven’t gotten anything yet, you have two options: 1) Book a ticket and go to a warm place…come back on Jan 1, catch all of the sales, wrap them and up and voila! Belated Christmas! or 2) Go to your nearest shop and make it fast. Stay clear of the department stores and opt for a more targeted approach—everyone likes stuff for their crib. Play it safe because no one needs another scarf, or sweater for that matter.

Due to your procrastination, shopping online may not work, check out these finds that can be scooped in a store near you. If you must be online, some of these items have two day shipping, so you may be in luck. We chose option no.1, so Happy Holladaze! Grab the info after the jump.

1] Chemistry Cocktail Set | $36 | UrbanOutfitters

2] Black Table Globe | $200 | Design Within Reach

3] Purifying Water Pitcher | $85 | Design Within Reach

4] Glass Water Bottle Carafes | $13 | Pier 1 Imports

5] Frame with Bud Vase | $10 | Target

6] Hello Kitty Vinyl Collectibles | $8ea | Urban Outfitters

7] Quilted Jewelry Box | $40 | Crate&Barrel

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