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Keyshia Cole Channels “Protocol”

Did you see the fight over the weekend? It’s funny, that the word “the fight” doesn’t do it for me anymore since Tyson stopped fighting—now THAT was entertainment. Anywhoo, Oscar De La Hoya managed to get defeated by the Filipino sensation, Manny Pacquiao this past Saturday night in Vegas—sending every Filipino you know into a frenzy. I was busy frying chicken that night (long story), and wasn’t really concerned with watching it, which may have been the wrong decision considering that I missed Keyshia Cole belting out the National Anthem. How could I have missed this get up? Umm yeah…Keysh..we’ve been really proud of your styling lately, care to tell us what the hell happened? The hair, the dress, the…well everything? Parlour loves you Keyshia, we will sweep this one under the rug and encourage you never to go this monochromatic—ever. Doesn’t she remind you of Goldie Hawn’s costume in “Protocol” when she worked in the tiki bar, when cats kept on mistaking her for a chicken?

Chicas are still trying to compare to Whitney Houston’s Superbowl run…and she did it in a sweat suit and headband. Gotta love Ms. Houston. Peep game below:

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