Kid Cudi’s “Day N’ Nite” Live x Jimmy Jones + Wale N’ Friends

This is from the show I attended at Highline Ballroom this Tuesday where it was hot as balls, but fun nonetheless…I love Jimmy. He’s just so dirty and always looks like he needs a bath, but he’s really pretty loveable. Anyway, Wale must’ve been cool too because Jay’s influenced him to pull Hov-esque stunts and bring out all of hip-hop on stage with him during his performance. As such, here’s Pusha T, Freeway and Young Chris after the jump. Like my boys and I were discussing Tuesday, Free and Chris need to LEAVE ROCAFELLA. We know it hurts but Jay’s not doing anything for them and they’re actually allowing their industry cache to further fall while they wait on Jay, who’s chasing around Cudi, Kanye, Wale and Santogold to reclaim his cool factor. Think about it. Would you stay if you were these dudes? My two cents…

Wale’s “Back in the Go-Go” ft Pusha T

Wale’s “The Cypher” ft Free & Young Chris- One question…where’s Neef?

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