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Leona Lewis Part II?

Alexandra Burke Our version of American Idol – called “X Factor” – comes to an end this Saturday. It’s the show which Leona “Bleeding Love” Lewis won two years ago.
There are two solo artists, and one group left in the running…and my money’s on a London girl called Alexandra Burke. She’s got the flair of Beyoncé – and an extremely strong voice. And her mum was the lead singer in Soul II Soul.
The other two finalists aren’t so great. The young Irish teenager Eoghan Quigg’s only it is because the whole of Ireland is voting for him, and the boy-band JLS are okay I guess, but not too consistent. So if Alex doesn’t win it’s a fix!

Anyway – Alex is possibly doing a duet with Beyoncé on Saturday, so if that happens it could be electric and guarantee her a win. So just in case she does become the latest “Leona”, you can say you saw her first on Parlour…Alexandra’s “X Factor” performance after the jump!

—Miss London

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