Lower East Style: The A.R.C. Sports Store

After doing a shitload of collaborations, it was only a matter of time until the resident cool kids over at Alife decided to open up another retail space across the street from the famed Rivington Sports Club: The A.R.C. Sports Store. Dedicated to sporting style and goods with a heavy dose of heritage, the A.R.C. Sports Store stands out with some of the best interior design seen in the area.
In addition to it’s own brand, the space features items from Lacoste, Penfield (aka the warmest jackets ever), Comme des Garçons and Patagonia, among others. We doubt that they have a solid selection for the ladies, but when has that stopped us before?
A.R.C. Sports
157 Rivington Street, NYC
More images and info via CoolHunting

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