Mama Knows Best

We tried it! Mama Lotion ($45, –- “mama” is short for malic and mandelic acid — is a potent anti-aging gel-lotion that sinks into skin to exfoliate and even out skin tone. We’ll be honest with you, there is a little flaking at first, but the end-result is well worth it! We’ve only been using Mama Lotion for a few weeks, and already the acne scars and freckles (the ones that used to be cute, but are now just annoying) are vanishing.
Bonus: We’ve been putting it on the heels of our feet at night, too, and they’re the softest they’ve been since we were like five-years-old. For real.
—Ayren and Anabel.If you like Ayren’s and Anabel’s beauty tips, check out the rest of their posts here.

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