Model of the Year: Jourdan Dunn

According to the British Fashion Awards, that’s exactly what 18-year old Brit girl Jourdan Dunn is… Model of the Year 2008. She was discovered just two years ago, browsing through the sunglasses section of a London branch of Primark (a cheap fashion store) Dunn’s still very down to earth and still lives with her mum and two brothers in South London (my end of town, yay!). She’s had an amazing rise to the top… as well as being on the covers of British Vogue, Italian Vogue, Pop and i:D – she was the first Black model to walk in a Prada show for 10 years – the last model to achieve that feat was Naomi Campbell.
She’s also featured in ad campaigns for Benetton, Gap and is one of the most high profile models in this year’s TopShop campaigns. And she’s gorgeous. She’s not a part of the rock-Brit invasion like Agyness Dean, she’s just a cool London chick who gets incredibly homesick and teary when she’s working in New York.

Experts predict that she could be worth $8million by the time she’s 20.

However despite the fact that she’s the “hot” model of the moment, how many of the big fashion magazines, Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire, etc will she end up doing in her career? And how many prominent ad campaigns will she land in the future?

Yes the Italian Vogue Black Models edition sold millions, but it was a one-off. And editors still maintain that they sell fewer copies when a black model graces the cover.

So even if Jourdan is only hot for a minute – let’s not forget what she’s achieved in her very short career thus far, and bask in her success.

Well done J!

—Miss London

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