Morning Coffee 12.01.08

William Balfour, ex-boyfriend of Jennifer Hudson’s sister, Julia, was arrested for the murder of Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew. So sad. [NYD]
In the spirit of World Aids Day, (Dec. 1) South Africa’s health minister promised more care for those suffering from HIV and AIDS. [BBC]
I’m sure you laughed at this like I did, but the NYTimes declared the US recession “real”- for whatever that’s worth. Oh yeah, and the dow dropped 680 points yesterday, here’s hoping today! [NYT]
I don’t know about you, but I need sleep to beat jetlag. I just came back from Cali (to NYC…) and my tactic includes waking up on East Coast time while still on the West Coast. Who knows if this works, but the Guardian has a few tips for that Thanksgiving hangover. [G]

What the HELL is going on over there in Mexico? 37 people were killed in Tijuana in the last three days. My girl and I were just saying that you have to appreciate a good underworld. When it’s organized, debauchery like this doesn’t happen. [MSNBC]

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