Morning Coffee 12.01.08

Over the holiday, Mumbai, India endured unexpected violence, including the shooting of random civilians and the siege of the Taj Mahal hotel. Indian Prime Minister Singh took “moral responsibility” for not pre-empting the attack. Sigh. What in the world is happening? [BBC]

Hills’ is official as President-elect Obama’s new Secretary of State. Do we think this will work ladies? Or will I be posting Morning Coffee bits about Hill trying to beat up Obama and tagging in Bill… [NYT]

Did you buy anything on Black Friday (for our international readers, that’s the Friday shopping frenzy that happens after Thanksgiving)? Someone did, spending in the US increased by about 7% over last year. I, on the other hand, stayed on my cousin’s couch to fight any spending urges. [WashPo]

WORD ON THE STREET: Jay told Gina Montana that he’s dropping his album, Blueprint III (if that’s what he’s actually calling it…) in January, heard from a label friend that 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct comes in February and Eminem’s Rehab in March. If you’re in NYC, do you fall asleep to his song, “History?” If you’re outside of NYC, where radio isn’t obligated to play everything Jay releases at least once (LOL…), it’s a track celebrating Obama but it’s such a snore that it smells strangely like Kingdom Come. We need another American Gangster Jay. Please? We’re only honest with you because we love you and want you to do your best, Shawn.

Happy Monday ladies!

image via the Guardian

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