Morning Coffee 12.03.08

This picture is weird…but it does make me wonder what man child Young Jeezy will grow up to be in Will Smith years. Thoughts? Rappers T.I., Jeezy and Luda gathered in Atlanta to support and rouse voter turn-out for Democratic Senator hopeful Martin against Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss. Don’t think it worked though… [Boston]

The big three US auto makers are not only driving hybrid cars to beg Washington for more bailout money- they’re asking for $25 Billion MORE. What do we think ladies? Can you go to your boss and ask for more money and expect to receive it? Just a question. [CNNMoney]

What the hey is going on in Canada? I thought they were supposed to be a peaceful country, you know- free health care and all that? Apparently not. The OG Michelle, er, Canada’s Governor General Michaelle Jean is returning home early from the Czech Republic after Liberal leader Stephane Dion announced he’s about to overthrow the government and install himself as head man in charge.  [AFP]

Ever had your laptop stolen? Want to be able to track it at all times? Well, now you can with Laptop Cop. [Techcrunch]

Tonight I’m going to see if The Dream’s new group, Electrik Red, I will report back if they suck like Kanye’s love of the vocoder. Sorry Clover, I tried…

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