Morning Coffee 12.04.08

This car represents the auto industry. The labor unions are going to lose in this auto bailout, beginning by ending aid to those who’ve already lost their jobs. It sounds like union members were collecting unemployment in addition to government-issued unemployment. Sorry guys. [BBC]
Did you know that you can chronicle the reasoning for your entire life by your blood type? Japan does. The book, Instruction Manual for People with Type B (A, O, AB) Blood, has been on the country’s best seller list for quite sometime. This is almost as interesting as that banana diet. Except, I don’t even know my blood type… [G]
The brother of chick flick king Mark Ruffalo (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind– one of my faves…) was shot in the head yesterday and is fighting for his life. [AP]

The US may start brawling with China over currency rates. Apparently, China undervalues the yuan, allowing their traders to get a financial boost. Except now, the US needs the yuan to go up and balance the global economy. Did you understand that? [ALJ]

OMG! The Grammy nominations since they began officially acknowledging hip-hop ON TIME and not two albums later, like Denzel and Halle receiving Oscars for less than stellar performances… are out. Who’s your recession money on? [EW]

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