Morning Coffee 12.08.08

And, US Pres-elect says the economy is going to get much worse before it gets better. I told you ladies about the second financial bottom that will likely drop out. BE PREPARED like The Lion King– waiting below just for YOU! Sorry, had to make that upbeat somehow right? [NYT]

After winning the recent president election by stealing and pummeling, a national food shortage and now cholera distributed via the country’s water pipes, the rest of Africa is calling for former Zimbabwe president Mugabe to step down again. [BBC]

It’s official David looks like a caveman Gregory will replace Tim Russert on “Meet The Press.” Wonder how JBakes feels about this. While I was late to the MTP party, she really enjoyed Russert. [MSNBC]

It’s starting, the restlessness that comes with a broken world economy. Rioting broke out in Greece this weekend after a teen was killed by police. This killing was a likely outlet for frustrations many in the Mediterranean country are feeling as a result of the bad economy.

WORD ON THE STREET: In happier news, I really enjoyed Beyonce’s turn as Etta James in Cadillac Records this weekend. She played a good junkie, though she only had one fit of junkiness, and after seeing a few addicts, the drug seems to take more of a hold on you than can be outdone by one cold shower. Otherwise, Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters was perfection, like I knew he would be. Only his crying was a bit comical…but I mean, hey, a man’s gotta cry in his own way. And Mos Def as the white girl loving Chuck Berry was HILARIOUS. He had me LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Overall, good job everyone…although I’m not really feeling the Q-Tip track at the end as a remix to what I believe was Muddy’s “Hoochie Coochie Man” I forgive the soundtrack folks. Sidenote- I WISH a muthafucka WOULD bring his ass home to me sitting with a baby DROPPED OFF BY ANOTHER WOMAN. Muddy’s girl was a better woman than me. I would’ve have to cut someone, help me lord.

This song still scares me a little. *shivers*

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