Morning Coffee 12.09.08

What is it with the Harry Potter kids and nudity? After Harry did that weirdo UK play with a horse and no clothes…now, Hermione Granger ne Emma Watson is thinking about getting down to her knickers. I say NO! (and, of course, WHY is there no Harry film this Christmas?!? I’m still upset.)  [DN]

Top five Christmas songs, I agree. It’s all about George Michael’s “Last Christmas.” [IDTR]

Blackbird, a new search engine for African Americans. I wonder if they have one for every ethnicity. Should I be offended? [DMD]

The European Union has banned numerous Zimbabwean natives from crossing into their countries, including former President Mugabe for human rights violations. [BBC]

Several prisoners at Guantanamo Bay are willing to admit they crafted 9/11 in exchange for lighter sentencing. Now, do we think they really want to confess, or is this a Republican ploy to show Obama’s camp that Guantanamo Bay is useful just after Pres-elect leaked that he’s aiming to shut the illegal terror pen? Just a thought. [G]

This month is going to be over before we know it and I haven’t purchased one holiday gift. Nann.

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