Morning Coffee 12.10.08

Are you feeling “gay” today? If so, call in! You’ll be supporting gay marriage, protesting Cali’s Prop 8 and it sounds better than being sick! Do I get to go to a club too? =) [CNN]

Somehow Zimbabwe presidential folks think that if the U.N. come in and try to stop cholera, distribute food to the country’s starving and maybe try to fix the failing economy, its a brutal takeover. Wouldn’t you want the takeover if you lived in Zimbabwe? [BBC]

SO, remember when that kid killed himself while filming in online? Well, a man in the UK filmed a documentary of his death, via drinking some liquid with his apple juice, and it’s causing all the rage in England. The doc aired last night. [G]

The Greeks are still rioting, night four ladies. [ChiTrib]

Word On The Street: Though reported otherwise, Jennifer Hudson will shoot her next video, “If This Isn’t Love,” next week. Syndrome will direct. In addition, our girl Jazmine Sullivan is shooting two clips, “Dream Big”- for our international Parlouristas- and “Lions, Tigers And Bears” next week as well. Syndrome is directing that too, so expect lots of greenscreen ladies!

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