Morning Coffee 12.11.08

US Pres-elect Obama is asking Illinois’ shady Governor Blagojevich to quit…drama. PLUS, Jesse Jackson Jr. is trying to keep his name out of the whole situation. yeesh. [NYT] [BBC]

Wow, I know I drink alot, but it comes with my job right? Right? [NYMag]

Wale, Kid Cudi, Colin Monroe rhymed their way through a concert crowd that included Jay, Pharrell, Ryan Leslie, Jim Jones and….Leonardo DiCaprio? I was there and I DID NOT see Mr. Titanic. [C]

Office Depot let go of 2,200 people, closes 112 stores. [BB]

WORD ON THE STREET: TIP is on the move…that MTV documentary with him being trailed by cameras is coming in January. Also, he’ll be shooting a clip for  his next single, “Dead & Gone” ft Justin Timberlake, soon.

image via NYT

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