Morning Coffee 12.12.08

Oh Jennifer Aniston! Didn’t you pose almost nude for GQ in like 2006? I remember, you were wearing a jean skirt, and because GQ is one of my favorite magazines, I had to buy it. Now I don’t care about you bare posing, but I must say that I’ve reached my cap on Aniston bits. No more talk Brangelina talk either, though I’m equally tired of Angelina being pregnant. Ugh. [EW]
India has put the man they believe to be behind the terrorists acts in Mumbai during Thanksgiving on house arrest. [BBC]
OH SHOOT! US Pres-elect Obama is going to publish the list of senators that were attempting to pay off that shady Illinois Governor. Smh… [G]
I’m torn. On one hand, I’m glad they caught this woman, Malika El-Aroud, who’s been called the “al-Queda living legend.” But on the other, from the looks of it, she’s pretty dope so I’m proud of her accomplishments. Can someone write a longer story on her please? [CNN]

WORD ON THE STREET: Alicia Keys might boycott the Grammy’s by not attending or performing since she was snubbed and received like only one nomination for her dope album, “As I Am.” What do you guys think? Think she should attend?

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