Morning Coffee 12.17.08

The first face transplant in the US occured in Cleaveland, OH. It was the first operation in the world. The skin and muscles were harvested from a cadaver and the procedure entails replacing about 70% of the face. [LAT]
BOO. Steve Jobs won’t give any rockstar speeches at the conference, Mac World ’09. But according to a friend, the only thing coming out this year is the mac mini. (I didn’t know about that either…) but the real deal says Jobs is ill, which begs the question- what happens to Apple without Steve-O? [CW]
48% of NYC’ers are having trouble paying for food. How are you grocery bills looking ladies? [VV]
No one drinks in NYC anymore? [G]

I think I’ve finally found an apt ladies. this is a HUGE deal.- Steels Magnolia…

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