Morning Coffee 12.18.08

Why Granny? Just because…Smile. You’re alive.
Chrysler is going to close 30 of their plants for one month to shave their budget woes.[BBC]
Help! “If the authority does not receive new sources of revenue, it seems likely that the base subway fare could rise to at least $2.50, from $2, starting in June. A monthly unlimited-ride MetroCard could rise to more than $100, from $81.” Wait, so I’m moving to cut my rent but I end up making up the difference in MTA fees? WTF? [NYT]
Looks like authorities in Iraq are treating the shoe throwing jounro Muntazer al-Zaidi like an ethnic man in America. al-Zaidi’s brother says the his sibling is so badly beaten officials didn’t bring him to his court date to stave off any riots his appearance will incite. Honestly, if he makes it out, he’ll be the Iraqi international version of Larry Davis. Real talk. [G]

I can’t fucking believe I missed the MJ sale- why did no one tell me!?! Seriously? Sigh [WWD]

Tonight is the night for Steely’s early premiere of Benji Button- YES! Caty and Brad here I come!

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