Morning Coffee 12.22.08

Mugabe to US: “Bah humbug, me “sharing” power with Morgan is FINE!” US to Mugabe: “Let’s hire mercenaries to end this dude, which we helped put into power…oops, did we whisper that outloud?” [VOA]

Authorities in Mexico have found nine decapitated bodies along the side of a highway near Guerrero, they think they’re police officers. [BBC]

Instead of firing folks, companies are taking up four day weeks and unpaid vacations. Which would you rather? [NYT]

Women are falling victim to Kabul’s growing heroin trade. [G]

Sigh. Warner Music Group and YouTube are still fighting over whether the online video portal can play it’s videos, and Saturday the record label ordered YouTube to remove all of its clips. What’s that mean? You better hurry up and google that last look at Madge’s “Hung Up” or T.I.’s “Whatever You Like.” [Reuters]

JBaker Notes: Am I the only one PISSED that Congress gave itself a RAISE this year? [Hill]

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