Morning Coffee 12.23.08

Good Morning, this is the last whif you’ll get of Morning Coffee until January 5. Enjoy it! But before we go, we’d each- Mahogs, JBakes, myself and each of our contributors- would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING OUR SITE. You make it all worth it everytime you comment and click- seriously. GROUP HUG! Ok, don’t hurt my Louis Vuitton. Kidding! It’s Marc Jacobs! Bahahahaha.
Happy Holidays!

*back to your regularly scheduled program*

Sudan has over 6,000 child soldiers. Reminds me of this book. Really a rough read. [BBC]

Classic. The NYT gets a fake letter from Paris, FR’s mayor saying NY Senatorial hopeful Caroline Kennedy sucks. Except the letter was fake and now everyone’s confused. lol. [G]

Michael Jackson had lung cancer says Fox News; Reuters (and Jermaine Jackson) says no, he doesn’t. [R]

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