Nike Sportswear Bespoke @ 21 Mercer = Freshness

Man, I thought I was SO cool when I got my Nike iD’s made. I made an “exclusive” appointment at the NYC Elizabeth St. Studio, and this Dominican cutie helped me make a pair of (if I must say) the hottest Air Max 90’s ever. Fast forward to 2008 and Nike had upped the entire customization game at their first pop-up retail space dedicated to exclusive shit, 21 Mercer.

The Nike Sportswear Bespoke design experience looks and sounds kinda awesome:

NikeiD Bespoke takes individual design to new heights with an unparalleled, creative individual design experience. It provides consumers with the greatest design freedom ever offered by NikeiD. Launching with the iconic Air Force 1 sneaker, consumers will be able to create a unique design by customizing up to 31 parts of the shoe, including the base, overlay, accent, lining, stitching, outsole, laces and deubré. Consumers will also be able to choose from 82 premium, iconic materials and color options.

I’ve never been the biggest AF1 fan, but I may have to change my mind, soon. Besides, if I never get the chance to do my own—I still have my SWASH 79’s Air 90’s. Of course it’s a cool/industry/celeb magnet already, see what happened when Bun B and Wale stopped by.


Nike : 21 Mercer

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