Okayplayer Jammy 2008: Estelle, Bilal and Q-Tip

So last night, I hit up the Roots x OKP holiday Jammy concert for about an hour. It was appropriately random. When I entered BB Kings in NYC’s Times Square, the joint was packed and two chicks were backing up Talib Kweli.
my boy: “who’s that?”
me: “Oh shit, it’s Res! Where the fuck has SHE been?”

Remember when I told you ladies that Santogold wrote all of Res’ songs, and that rumor says that “Golden Boy” is about mos Def and his shenanigans when they were dating? Well, that said, where’s Res stand now that Ms. Santi White has her own record and acclaim? No, seriously, think about it…(that’s Res in the green dress, with the inappropriate white dunks…hm)

Anyway, then Estelle jumped out with Black Thought and the rest of the Rooties (read: Roots), she ran through “Come Over” – sans Sean Paul- which I love. Peep her black Chanel purse, the girl has style. Then Bilal- who was late, hostess Amanda Diva accidentally introduced him too early, ha!- came out with 88 Keys (cop that The Death of Adam kid- it’s the dopeness!) and an old school saxophonist who I’m not familiar with, but apparently everyone in hip-hop has sampled him. Know who he was? Tell me in the comments. Long story short- “Soul Sister” went from a traditional performance, to a funkadelic rendition, to a caught-the-spirit-church-session, to a Ramones rock out remix. All the while Bilal screamed into his mic, I smiled. I love musicians, they are crazy. And then, my lovelies…I left.

Were you there?

thanks MissInfo!

oh yeah- here’s why Jimmy Jones, dipset capo couldn’t make it into the Rooty Fruity:

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