Part Time Royalty (& Wrestler?)

Ever wish that you were royalty? James Oladipo Buremoh doesn’t, and he is a king. For it’s 2008 Reasons to Love New York list, no. 17 is about James and his special situation:
James Oladipo Buremoh spends six months of the year tending to the needs of his subjects from a palace run by half a dozen servants in Idera, a Nigerian kingdom he rules about 200 miles north of Lagos. The rest of the time he drives a Gray Line double-decker bus in New York.

To hear him tell it, you’d think he’d rather be home watching Jeopardy, since he was working on another career for awhile—being a pro-wrestler:
So I became a pro wrestler: Ladi the African Tiger. Until me, the only “African” was Kamala the Ugandan Giant, and he was from Mississippi. I was on the circuit with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Andre the Giant. I was known for the flying head-butt.

So basically, if needed, not only can he make you bow to him and tell you about the history of Manhattan, he can kick your ass too. Only in New York.


(Photo: Hannah Whitaker/New York Magazine; Courtesy of James Oladipo Buremoh)

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