They Should Have Never Gave Y’All N***as Money!!!

If you follow New York sports, then undoubtedly you have spent this week wondering just what in the entire you know what is wrong with some of these freaks. 

There have been some strange things going on.

Stephon Marbury is refusing to play for the Knicks, and was suspended from Saturday night’s game without pay. He is obviously delusional and believes that he still has value at the bloated salary the Knicks pay him and can get it from somewhere else. The whole insubordination issue aside, don’t you need to be better than the third or fourth best player on a horrible team to start the whole primadonna act? No? Ok. Meh. It does make one wonder exactly who this cat really thinks he is? Seriously. Since he came to the Knicks, he has had some sort of dust up or problem with every head coach. You would think that someone who was able to hustle that much guaranteed cash out of mediocre talent would have a better attitude towards actually going to work and holding up his end of the bargain. At the very least a better exit strategy.

What can we learn from this? Several things. Namely that karma is a bad bitch that will not be denied. It kind of serves the Dolan’s right. They have driven this franchise into the ground for years. From the firing of Ernie Grunfeld, to the less than prudent financial decisions regarding the signing of players and their contracts. Scott Layden? Isiah Thomas? A prelude to the comedy that is Stephon Marbury.

The other lesson here? Be careful what you wish for. He lobbied HARD to become a Knick. Sadly, that’s about where the problem started. 

In an interview with the New York Post this week, he spoke of his distrust for coach D’Antoni, and the organization. He claimed that he never refused to enter a game, and claims he was being told by other teammates about his game time status. Really? The inmates are running the asylum now? You couldn’t ask the coaches yourself? Wouldn’t they come to you and tell you? Seems that somewhere in this malarkey, someone is lying. What does the rational worker bee do when there is a conflict in the workplace that directly affects her job? She goes to the root of the problem and gets the right information in order to act properly. In this case, who lets a teammate’s word on a coach’s decision be the last word? Is it unreasonable to think that he would have been informed by a coach, or could have ASKED what was going on? Makes no sense at all. I’m digressing. Insubordination? They fire people for that in the real world. Thanks to his union membership, there is very little the organization can do in the way of real repercussions. He won’t be “fired”. He’ll likely be bought out. Good riddance.

Hopefully he lands someplace where his childish behavior will improve-or at the very least he won’t be the fifth best player and not realize it or act accordingly.

This was big news in the NYC, until Plaxico Burress found himself scratched from Sunday’s Deadskins Redskins (I have my reasons) game and decided to hit the town. 

The spot? LQ. For those of you unaware, this is a hood spot, full of hood rats. Not exactly the place you’d expect to find Super Bowl champions cutting a rug. In his infinite wisdom (or stupidity), this yutz shoots HIMSELF on accident. This just begs so many questions. Why are you in LQ? Why are you in the club with a gun? Do you not have do-boys? No security to hold your piece? Were you dancing all extra hard with the safety off? Did you have so much to drink you forgot you had it? Did your voice shoot up fifteen octaves when you screamed?

Just. Wow. Who does this? He’s physically ok. Supposedly it was just a flesh wound, he was released the next day and sent home to recuperate. Not the behavior of a man who realizes that his contract isn’t 100% guaranteed. You kind of need your thighs to play football. 

 The real comedy? Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit in New York City is very illegal. I applied for a permit once, when I was feeling gangsta. Back then you could only get it if you were a cop, a CO or some other sort of gov’t/law enforcement type.

Random footballer that wears sunglasses at night was so not on the form. That, friends, is a felony and he could do time, among people who know how to shoot others, commit crimes other than stupidity and could care less about a game winning catch, even if it was in the Super Bowl.

I wonder if this has set in with him yet. As it stands now, it turns out that the people who treated him in the hospital didn’t report the injury and put their own jobs in danger. Antionio Pierce (a pretty dern good player) has also gotten himself mixed up in this mess, and is attempting to negotiate (umm dude you committed a crime too) with the police to avoid charges.

So why do these players act like this? Who knows. You’d like to think that being a great player and getting accolades and making lots of money is enough. Good thing its being broadcast for all the world to laugh at. Maybe they’ll see it themselves and get a clue. They both clearly need one.


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