O’Shea Jackson: THROWBACK(Crush)!

So we’ve had Throwback songs, movies and I think even toys- and now we have Throwback- THE CRUSH. For me to you, it’s O’Shea Jackson, better known as Ice Cube. Now Mahogs, JBakes and I fully disclose our love of bear-shaped grown ass men. If you’re giving us a hug, give us something we can feel! So in celebration of bear hugs and adorable tummys (read NOT GUTS) we give you Mr. Jackson. Not only is he one of the best MC’s in the game, he has financial foresight too! The man has his own production company, website, label and handles all of his biz in-house. Remember, when Dr. Dre signed his life away through a shady contract with Eazy E (which ultimately ended in “Dre Day”), O’Shea said no. Not to mention, he’s a good actor too. Peep his vintage Boyz N Da Hood and Friday performances after the jump. Obviously, we don’t condone jheri curled O’Shea, but the faded-up O’Shea is just fine with us.

You know how we do it…



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