Afternoon Tea 1.08.09

US Pres-elect Obama gave a speech this morning about the drastic measures that Americans must take to save the country from financial ruin. Meanwhile, US lame duck Pres Bush held a luncheon for all of the living presidents at the White House. If only to be a fly on the wall for those conversation.  [USAT]

in California, a memorial service will take place today for Oscar Grant, a 27 year old man who was shot by a BART train security police man in Oakland on New Year’s Eve. Now, the security officer may be facing either murder or involuntary manslaughter charges and he’s received so many death threats that he’s been moved to two different and secret locations since the incident. [SFG]

Porn needs a bail-out.[N]

Mississippi has the highest teen preganancy rate in the US- it’s three times higher than other states’ birth rates. [R]

We did a switcheroo today ladies- Bad Boy had us partying like it was 1995 last night in celebration for the “Notorious” film and mixed with vacation-lag, it wasn’t pretty. zzzzzzzz…

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