Afternoon Tea 1.09.09

Check this out! The folks at Sharpie have released a new interactive ad, scattered around various cities, that allows you to tag the hell out of their artwork. Hey kids who are always defacing the movie posters on the Subway platforms, this one’s for you! {CoolHunter}

It seems like everyone’s taking the UN for a big poppy show, including Israel and Hamas who have ignored their ceasefire. {BBC}

The Somali pirates stike again! This time they’ve released the Saudi vessel they snatched after a $3 million pay off. {Guardian}

And big surprise, unemployment hit a record high in 2008. At 7.2 percent it’s the highest it’s been in 16 years. {NYT}

—All this economy shit just gets me down. Have a happy weekend; try not to send too much money.

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