Afternoon Tea 1.13.09

India gave us Bollywood, and now the Caribbean brings us “Collywood.” Straight talking DJ Macka Diamond is set to play the lead in the first Collywood film, Paradise Redemption, about a woman whose daughter is in the garrison. {YardFlex}

Zimbabwe’s deteriorated health due to the neglected cholera epidemic might be considered ‘a crime’. The International Criminal Court’s Physicians for Human Rights is set to conduct an investigation. {BBC}

NYTimes names Phuket as their luxury destination of the year. I want to go!! {NYT}

Beloved Purple magazine, another gift from the fashion headmasters of France, recently closed their NYC office on the hush after opening it less than a year ago. {Fashionista}

—Bobbi is feeling self indulgent and thinks it’s best that she stays locked in her apartment until the feeling passes… Damn recession!

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