Afternoon Tea 1.14.09

Indie music heads are you up on Telepathe? It’s that great kind of music that you want to listen to as you enter your favorite hipster haunt and as you recount your night over Sunday brunch. {CH} {Telepathe}

England’s banking sector is headed for the shit hole too it seems. Barclay’s is set to cut 2,100 jobs at it’s retail commercial banks. HSBC, and Lloyds are not doing so hot either. Welcome to sucking E. {G}

Who’s glad Obama’s pushing to close Guantanamo Bay? A US agent at GB admitted that Mohammad al-Qahtani, one of the early suspects in September 11 attacks, was “left in a ‘life-threatening condition’ after being iterrrogated.” {BBC}

J. Hudson’s set to return to the spotlight when she sings the national anthem at the Super Bowl next month in Tampa, Fla. Welcome back homie. {E!}

—Bobbi hates winter. Bobbi LOVES Parlour!!

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