Afternoon Tea 1.15.09

Here’s a first glimpse of President Obama’s new ride.  I can just picture him opening  the door for Michelle like ” do you wanna riiiiide in the back seat of my Caddeh?” I bet it’s got that “Boom Boom Boom!” {BBC}

There’s a new remix sherrif in town.  His name is Dave Wrangler and he’s got the best Peter Bjorn + John vs Notorious B.I.G. remix.  It makes me want to “Party and Bullshit.” {PMA}

Nature is so f**ked up some times.  I love it!  Thousands of two headed fish were “spawned” at a fish farm in Australia.  The most likely cause is contaminated water. {BB}

Karl Lagerfeld is bringing in “the new modesty.”   With the luxury industry in the pits, Karl says “bling is over.” Well you know what they say:  It ain’t over ’til the eccentric, leather wearing, used to be chubby, designer sings. {The Cut}

—Snow Day, Snow Day!!

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