Afternoon Tea 1.23.09

Kelly Osbourne.’s checked herself into rehab. {People}

The leader of Tutsi rebel organization the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gen Laurent Nkunda, was arrested in Rwanda. A former ally of Rwanda, DR of Congo, was not in support of the Rwanda’s recent joining of forces with the Congo to “destroy Hutu rebels.” {BBC}

New York has a new Senator. Her name is Kirstin Gillibrand, she’s from upstate and she’ll be taking over for Hills, as she sets off to be the US’s new Secretary of State. Kirstin’s got some big shoes to fill, but apparently she’s a toughie just like her predecesor. {NYT}

Israel’s a bit fearful that it should could be accused of war crimes. {T}
Going upstate today! Have a good weekend ladies…

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