Afternoon Tea: 1.26.09

The New York Times just basically blew up the spot of millions of workers (like us) who try to look busy at work everyday. Busy work in this slow economy is haaaard! Thank God for Parlour, right folks? {NYT}

Arthur Moreira of New York is kind of stupid. See, he was the stage manager of the sitcom wanna be Sex & The City “Lipstick Jungle” until he started stealing from the set and selling the stolen booty on Ebay. Ebay? Really? Way to get caught! Had he never heard of a resale shop? Ugh. {CNN}

Since the dollar/pound/peso or whatever your currency is is probably sucking in your respective country, try gold. It’s value is actually getting better. {WSJ}
Cannabis smokers in the UK have all the fun and get all the breaks. No fair! {Independent}

Oh! Happy Chinese New Year!!! Bring on the food! {BBC}

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