Afternoon Tea 1.27.09


OMG I want one! This Limited Edition Mr. Pink Diana F+ camera is hot pink and takes “soft focussed, vignetted shots.” Might just have to get my own V-Day Prezzie. {NYLON} {Lomography}

The bickering over leadership in Zimbabwe ended in disarray. The opposition party expressed its displeasure after a power share agreement was finallly reached. {Guardian}

What if you gave birth to eight babies at once! A California woman gave birth to six boys and two girls. The babies were seven weeks early, but it looks like they’ll be all good. {BBC}

Now might be a good time to check out that fancy vacation. Your tax return is on its way and luxury hotels are feeling the pain of the bad economy right now. That means sweet dealin. {NYT}

Happy Tuesday ladies. xoxoxoxo.

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