Chavez Throwing Dirt on Castro’s (Early) Grave?

Once again, it’s on and Cubans in Miami are about to put down the cafe con leche and take to the streets. Rumors says Fidel Castro’s illness has taken a turn for the worse and our favorite “middle finger-you-Bush” country leader, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela added serious fuel to the fire with this statement he made this week:

The Fidel who walked the streets embracing the people will not return, and will only remain a memory.

Seeing that Fidel failed to appear in public for the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, it may be possible that 2009 marks the end of an era.

Remember how Miami went crazy back in 2007? It was a Cuban flag and pinky-ring extravaganza. So what exactly are you saying Chavez? Peep the video.

I love Cuba, and to my heart’s content and demise, I love too many people in Cuba, so I have my own feelings on this. It pains me that I can’t see my family and friends more often, or even do something as simple as send a package or a letter. But another side of me really hopes never to see a Kentucky Fried Chicken there…thoughts Parlouristas (and ‘os)??

Vague Reports Surface of Castro’s Failing Health

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