Gina Montana: Daydreaming with The Dream (take that Nivea?)

This Wednesday (Jan. 28th) The Dream previewed his sophomore album, “Love Vs. Money,” slated for a March 10th release, to a room full of media folks at New York City’s New World Stages theater, and, we must say it is pretty cotdam dope!
This isn’t just my opinion either, it seems. A few weeks ago, as Steely D and I roamed the Def Jam building, we heard a few DJ employees randomly raving about how delighted they were with it (and I mean regular people that would keep it funky with me all day). And last night, judging from the applause after every single track — and the random girl getting-getting on the floor… in the dark…dead smack in the middle of the theater – the entire room was in consensus. Oh, not to mention some of today’s twitter comments (says the girl that just started twittering two days ago).

Some of the tracks that are slated to appear on the Radio Killa/Def Jam release that we absolutely love include the Prince-like “Walkin On The Moon,” featuring Kanye West, the baby-making, LOS-produced “Put It Down,” the super sexy yet comical “Sweat It Out,” (with lyrics like “don’t be mad / you should’ve got braids” and “right after we’re finished / I’m gon’ get your shit fixed,” as he sings about her girl sweating her hair out during sex. Loves it!), and both “Love vs. Money” and “Love vs. Money Pt. 2.”

Now let me just tell you about the latter two – collectively, they are this album’s “Nikki,” which was my favorite track on “Love/Hate.” On them, Dream goes in on who seems to be ex-wifey and baby mama Nivea. Yes, this is an assumption, but am I all the way wrong in assuming with lyrics like:

“What we had was awesome
Until he came and took you out my life…
And I can’t hate lil’ homie
Cause I am to blame
Instead of lovin’ you, I was makin’ it rain” (erm.. can we say Wayne?)


“Quit acting like I’m the only one to blame, honey
Didn’t hear you scream love
When you were trickin’ off my money…
You give her love, she’s back at money
She’ll run from man to man
Making plans to plan
No secret y’all know who we talking bout”

So, Nivea was a gold-digger? *scratching head* This absolutely explains the album title, for the record. And, while others might find this a sissy move, I appreciate Dream’s candid expression. Kudos and totally therapeutic!

Both tracks have that thumping bass line that can knock walls down. We ain’t mad at that.

There are also the strip-club joint, “Let Me See The Booty,” featuring Lil Jon, “Kelly’s 12 Play,” inspired by R. Kelly’s debut album, and “Fancy,” all which Dream played for your’s truly last October during a limited studio session.

After they played some cuts from the set, The Dream took the stage with NYC’s Hot 97 radio DJ Angie Mar, and talked about losing 20 pounds, his hopes to write every song on Mariah Carey’s next album (which he announced will tentatively be titled “MC3”), being salty about not getting a Grammy nomination (although he’s going for the win with this album) and how other “wack” singers put out albums with wack tracks interspersed with the good ones, and when you’re making love to it it “fucks with your nut.” Pure hilarity.

In the end, Def Jam head L.A. Reid presented Dream with a plaque for selling 500,000 units of “Love/Hate” and 500,000 ringtones. Just in case you download it first…Here is the track listing for “Love Vs. Money”:

“Rockin’ That Thang”
“Walkin’ On The Moon” ft. Kanye West
“My Love” ft. Mariah Carey
“Put It Down”
“Sweat It Out”
“Take U Home 2 my Mama”
“Love Vs. Money”
“Love Vs. Money: Part 2”
“Right Side Of My Brain”
“Mr. Yeah”
“Kelly’s 12 Play”
“Let Me See The Booty” ft. Lil Jon
“Touch & Feel”
“Nothing But Love”

So, I’m calling it – this album will most likely make my top ten album’s list at the end of the year. the dream n christina milian

Christina Milian was there too randomly…I know that was awkward, L.A. Reid definitely dropped her from Def Jam in like 2006…but she’s got a new deal and a new song so take that industry i guess. lol…-Steely D

[Shout out to the old guy sitting behind The Dream. He’s Rockin That Shit Liiikeee!!! – JBaker]

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