Good Vibes…At Walgreens???

Other than the obvious, one of the things that I love to do late at night is to cut on the tv and check out the commercials. The erectile dysfunction ones crack me up and the “chat line” spots typically freak me out, but nothing had my attention like this gem I recently came across—The Trojan Vibrating Touch aka the vibrator you can buy when you go to pick up shampoo and aspirin!

Basically, it’s the discount version of a small bullet that attaches to your fingertip but what got me was the ad that they are using to promote it. Clearly they are going for the girl who is afraid to make that trip to her neighborhood toy store. Peep how the older woman totally swoops in towards the end, she kills me everytime!

picture-1Seriously ladies, are we cool with vibes just an isle down from bulk candy and shaving cream? I guess we can’t be surprised when condoms and KY Jelly (aka Lube) have been in our midst since we were little Parlouristas…but can we really trust a vibe that comes with such bad marketing? According to the commercial, women are afraid to talk about “personal massagers”…really? Are we that prude, or was the person that wrote this clearly not getting any?
I totally understand if not every girl is ready for the Delight, so maybe the $20 Vibrating Touch will be the gateway drug for millions of vibe virgins out there. Happy Buzzing Ladies!

PS. Do you think we will ever see cock rings for the masses? Just a thought.

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