Is The Salad Bowl Next?


Does anyone else remember when there weren’t 5,285 College Bowl  games and the title game was on New Years Day?  I do, and I miss it. The top eight teams got to play, and that was it. The games were exciting and competitive, and always provided great fodder for conversation.

Back then, the term “Bowl eligible” actually meant something. Only the best teams got a shot to even play in a bowl, and the mediocre teams just went home for Christmas break.Since those shinier, happier times, Bowl Week has been stretched into Bowl Season, with games stretching from the week  before Christmas to the second week in January.

Gone are the days of the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta and Orange Bowls. Remember when being in the Peach or the Cotton Bowl was like a consolation game? While they all still exist and are played somewhere around New Years Day, nowadays you’re just as likely to turn on the TV on December 20th and see two 6-6 teams going at it as you are to catch figure skating or downhill skiing.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it seems to cheapen the value of the Bowl experience if everyone and their uncle gets to play in one.

The San Diego County Credit Union Pointsettia Bowl?  The Chic Fil-a Bowl? The Holiday Bowl? Word? It’s like the NCAA sanctioned Puffy to remix Bowl Week. Take that!

The names get longer and more corporate and the teams seem to have fewer and fewer wins every year.  I love the Hurricanes, but a 7-5 team should not be in a Bowl, and they were. The Emerald Bowl. They lost.

Not that theres not a Miami Bowl to go along with the Orange Bowl.  A New Mexico Bowl, the Las Vegas Bowl, the New Orleans Bowl. I’m surprised the NCAA didn’t  just give one to every state.  The corporate names slapped on the front of traditional Bowl games is killing me too.

I get it. There are sponsorship dollars to be made and some kids who will likely be late round draft picks need the exposure.  One can’t argue that these sponsors aren’t making a shitload of money off of these random Bowls they buy the naming rights to.

The Konica Minolta Gator Bowl? Tostitos Fiesta Bowl? AT&T Cotton Bowl? You’d think they would just want to be presenting sponsors and preserve some tradition, but I guess nothing says Bowl season like the Eagle Bank Bowl.

Unfortunately, we fans are left to suffer through these games that at times look more Texas or Florida high school than pre-NFL.  Thankfully the new year has brought the better games with it.  The National Championship will be decided before tax season begins, and thankfully the fans and the media will be more likely to discuss where Utah should be voted after beating Alabama and going undefeated than who was the MVP of the Papa Bowl.

I’m sure there are some junkies that watched every single game, I actually know a few.  I couldn’t. It seemed way too contrived. Maybe I really am stuck in the past.  Or maybe I just like my Bowl Games served on New Years Day-with some Alka Seltzer for my New Years hangover.  There’s an idea, the Alka Seltzer Bowl.


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