Is Your Hip-Hop A Little Femme?

Instances of fashion femminess have been rampant in hip-hop of late, causing a lot of masculinity-insecure haters to wonder if the ballers’ club got stealth-fagged while Jay-Z was out getting his eyebrows waxed.
XLR8R’s Marke B uses his hilarious queer eye to muse over whether hip-hop is getting too femme these days. With Pharell flaunting his purple Hermes bag every where and the news that Jay is totally into man-waxing, not to the pink phase that was Camron, and Diddy’s obsession with “moisturizing his situation”, me thinks that the girls weren’t the only ones that were into Sex & The City. Actually, when it comes to gender-bending, hip-hop is late to the table, as eyeliner is as much as a staple in rock&roll as guitar picks and hairspray.
So is this good? Well, you can see it many ways. Since hip-hop definitely has the trickle down effect into what your local ’round the way guy is rocking (see Ed Hardy shirts…thanks Byrd Gang!), is it possible that he can be more understanding of your bi-weekly grooming rituals? But really ladies, do we want the fellas in the next room while we trim the hedges?

Hip-Hops obsession with luxury brands is no secret, so maybe this is the natural progression. For the record, I am all for facials and mani/pedis for men. Sorry fellas, you guys could use a good buffing now and then. But do I really need you to help me pick out my next Louis bag? Stay at home babe.

Hi Kanye!

So, my Parlouristas, how do you like your hip-hop served?

The Femming Up of Hip-Hop

ps. i’ve been waiting to use this image of Jim Jones getting a facial FOREVER!

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